Kristall screen protector for Watches.


New nano liquid screen protector Kristall is a brilliant solution that fits perfectly to any watch . It completely covers and protects your screen from bumps and scratches all year round. You no longer need stickers or tempered glasses that always peel, peel off and make bubbles. Aesthetically your watch will look just like you bought it,  Kristall screen protector is absolutely transparent and 9H resistant.

Inside you will find:
An envelope with an alcohol wipe
A microfiber towel to dry
An envelope with a sponge filled with liquid titanium gel (the protector)
The instruction


How to use:
– Use the enclosed isopropyl Alcohol wipe to clean your device.
– Dry your device with normal tissue.
– Apply the solution on to your device and wipe through evenly.
– Wait for 2 minuets for the solution to get dry.
– Use the enclosed microfiber towel to polish the surface until is brilliant without leaving a visible residue.
– Ready for normal use after 60 second it has polish dried.
– To reach best performance after 2 days.
– Wash your hand after the application.