New nano screen protector

Are you tired of replacing your screen protector?

  •  Lose touch
  • Make bubbles
  • Peels in the corners
  • Breaks very easily
  • Aesthetically it does not look pretty
  • Does not fit with the whole screen


The solution has arrived!

Created by a company in which there are experts from the aeronautical and aerospace industries, it is a compound described as a “nanoprotector” consisting of Nano particles of titanium dioxide in a gel that reaches all corners of the mobile screen, covering it of a thin layer “as resistant as sapphire” that acts as an optical filter.
Everything consists in applying this layer of gel, wait a few minutes and see a “glossy” or “glitter” finish on the entire surface. The screen will be protected for 1 year from bumps, scratches, flattering and electromagnetic and even improvement if tactile functionality.